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New Rules 2018


Chairman's note re Umpires/Scoring Courses

As many might be aware there has been a radical shake up in the laws in the game. These changes mean a complete overhaul from the way you take guard to a revolutionary disciplinary system. 
In any event these changes involve us all and a series of meetings and courses managed and run by WSACO, some of which were at Horsham CC. It is vital that as many umpires, scorers, captains, players, coaches, officials and parents make every effort to understand the new laws. 
The games played in the higher elevens have panel umpires who will have had the necessary training but matches in the lower divisions usually only have one official leaving a player/parent standing at the other end. It is therefore vital that we all are aware of these changes.
The club cannot emphasise enough the importance of how the substantial and significant law changes will affect our game. You read more about the laws here



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