Covid update – Bar Re opening on Sat 4th July 2020

Please note – if we are busy then priority for service and seating will be given to our members.

Dear Member/Interested Party,

A note from your happy smiling, tanned, furloughed and much fatter Bar Manager.

You will have seen in our wonderful press that Pubs and Bars can reopen on Saturday the 4th of July.
Their decision nothing to do with Covid but to purely coincide with the next full moon.

The Club intends to open the Bar, Clubroom, Terrace and part of the cricket outfield on this date and welcomes you back.

But there has to be a new normal. The powers that be have extensively studied the Governments 43 page document which was a problem as it had no pictures.
For the protection of yourselves, the staff and all others we have had to implement several changes.
Full details of our Policies and Risk Assessment can be found on Club Notice boards or obtained from the office. (You can also download the Club’s Covid19 Risk Assessment Document below)

Changes that will affect you in simple terms are as follows.

A new one way system in the club like Fireworks night has been introduced.
The Newly fumigated Members Bar will be your only entrance and for service only with a Socially Distanced Queuing system.
Payment will have to be contactless or from your membership card.
There will no furniture in the bar and no loitering will be allowed.
All drinks will be served in disposable glasses.

The Club Room Bar Service area will be for Drink Collection, Click and Collect and Bar Staff use only.

You will leave via the Club Room Door which will be Exit Only

The Club Room Seating Area has been set up to allow 45 people to sit Socially Distanced.
Inside Customers must sit at all times and respect other groups and individuals.
We will show the Football and other Sports but be minded volumes must remain low as to not encourage cheering.
(You Palace Fans will have no problem with this).
For this reason we are not allowed any Live Music or Discos , Inside or Out.
You will not initially have to book tables but we may ask for ID of Non members to assist with the Track and Trace system.

Outside there will be a ” Beer Garden ” area cordoned off on the cricket outfield (For now until the ECB sort themselves out).
Within this area all Social Distance rules must be adhered to. There will be marking on the ground to assist and any seating arranged accordingly, please DO NOT move.
Within this area ALL food and drink must be purchased from the Club or Shack.
Within this area No ball games will be permitted and all Children must remain seated with an Adult.
Anyone not observing these guidelines will be removed from the area and Membership suspended

We will be eventually introducing table service and are working on an App for click and collect. All other instructions will be reviewed regularly.

The Toilets at the Tennis courts end of the buildings will be Open, regularly cleaned and available on a one in one out basis please Queue outside the building.

The Squash courts and Changing rooms remain out of bounds and the only entrance to he club will be through the Members Bar Door.

PLEASE REMEMBER these rules are for your protection, we did not make them up to spoil your fun.
Our Staff will do their best but are not experts on Covid, please remember they are human too (some of them) and deserve the same Distancing respect.
No we wont turn a blind eye or allow anything against our obligations, so please DO NOT ask.
Anybody disregarding these instructions will have their Membership rescinded or be banned from The Club.

With little or no sport being played and no functions allowed we have had to carefully review our opening hours to maximise Income and reduce costs.

The Bar will be Open in JULY –
(starting 4th July)
Thursdays 4pm-9pm
Fridays 12pm-9pm
Saturdays 12pm- 9pm
Sundays 12pm-8pm

If the weather is inclement or trade drops we reserve the right to close.
Alternatively if the weather dictates or Sport begins we may open at other times so please check Social Media and/or the Website for details.

The Office and Le Creperie will confirm their own hours later this week.

(If you would like me to explain further on any of these points or have any questions on how the Club is coping during these desperate times feel free to ask me)

Hope to see you all On Saturday




Covid19 HSC Risk Assessment PDF (2.66 MB)