Neil Chartres

It is with great sadness that Horsham Cricket Club has to announce that our dear friend and lifelong supporter, Neil Chartres, passed away at the weekend.“Neilo” had been involved with cricket at Horsham since he was a very young lad and his love of the game of cricket, whether following  Horsham CC,  Sussex CCC, Worth School, or on his overseas tours, has never faltered.Although he was a keen junior player, his health limitations meant that playing adult cricket was not a safe or sensible option for him. However, some of the senior members of Horsham CC including Richard Marshall and Dr Dew demonstrated that cricket is like a family and that there is a role for everyone within the cricket community. They channelled his enthusiasm into other areas and Neilo went on to become both a valued Umpire and Scorer earning him his other nickname “Neil The Pencil”.  He became a valuable and valued member of the club and as an integral part of the games as the batters and bowlers.Neil was a devoted Son who cared for his Mum until she passed away last year. He was a kind and gentle soul with a little twinkle in his eye . There have been some lovely comments and tributes paid already which show how fond we all were of him. He will be greatly missed and we will find a suitable way of making a lasting tribute to him.Rest in Peace Neilo.