The BIG Children’s Festival – Thank You

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We’d like to thank everyone for attending & supporting the Big Children’s Festival, held at the Horsham Sports Club on Sunday 26th August.

Particularly the fantastic Tomfoolery for compering the show and braving the horrendous weather conditions and filling in when the power-cut happened mid show! All the entertainers and activity providers on the day and all the fantastic performers in the first ever Horsham’s Got Talent.

We had over 50 volunteers who gave their time, energy and enthusiasm for free and still had happy faces and smiles despite standing in the rain – thank you for making the day happen, regardless.

We totally understand the disappointment that came with the extremely adverse weather conditions that, regrettably, did not stop for the entire planned duration of the event. Unfortunately there is no possibility to postpone a fundraising event of this kind due to possible weather forecasts, as these take months of planning and costs.

However, everyone got into the spirit and carried on regardless, what a fantastic community of people we have.

All acts, competitions, workshops, activities & all the festival contributors did take place at the advertised times or were announced at other times.

Sadly, the inflatables were only available for a short amount of time after the event opened as they had to be closed for insurance purposes. This was a consideration in the planning, which is why there were so many other activities going on under cover and indoors and different times.

All the organisers, sponsors, volunteers and vendors have been extremely pleased with the event, and can only imaging what it would have been like in dry weather! (if only 🙂 We have welcomed your comments and feedback and we will be reviewing this over the next few weeks, We were so disappointed that the weather caused so much disruption and every precaution was made to make the event safe and to be able to carry on as best it could.

As this was a community event, we believe that it was a perfect example of the community of Horsham coming together, despite being challenged and we thank everyone for making the best of it.

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