The Big Gig – Covid-19 update 20/3/20

Hey Big Giggers,

We want to update you with where we’re at with The Big Gig 2020 Music Festival, in relation to the current coronavirus situation.

We are following government guidelines and are constantly reviewing updates, and as it stands, we are still hoping that The Big Gig 2020 will be able to go ahead this year on 20th June.

At this stage we are keeping a close eye on the advice, and if a postponement is necessary then we will look at this and inform you as soon as possible of the new proposed date.

Fingers crossed that after a few months we will be in a clearer situation with regard to the prospect of hosting large scale community gatherings.

Thanks so much for your support as always. We would be really disappointed if we were not able to go ahead, as the club relies on this fundraising event to be able to stay afloat.

We will keep you informed on social media and via the club website.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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