Bar and club opening from Monday 12th April

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Update from our bar manager….

Lift Off!!! It’s Alfresco April and time for us reopen the Bar, Sporting Activities will resume at the Club too.
On Monday Boris gave us the green light to Open from Monday 12th April and our guidance that follows will apply until the next stage of the Roadmap, which will hopefully be Monday 17th May.
You will be aware, the press having rammed down our throats, that we can open the bar, but only through table service outdoors to customers adhering to the rule of six, that are seated and remain seated whilst they consume their food and drink.
Yippee, I hear you say, but how is it all going to work?
Those of you that joined us last summer will have embraced the impromptu Beer Garden we invented on the edge of the cricket pitch. Well, we have made this feature permanent with hard work from our club volunteers and kind sponsorship from Oakwood Mortgages with new rustic fencing, picnic benches and top quality, bistro furniture all the way from Coventry.
We have the capacity to seat over 150 people whilst abiding to the regulations and keeping Social distancing in place. This will make us “The” place to be seen in Town this spring.
We will be taking orders in person from tables, or you can use our new web ordering system which can be found at:
Each table will be numbered to help you with your order.
Initially Members only, can book a table by emailing  preferably giving us 24 hours notice, leaving a name/time/date/number of customers/contact number to secure your spot. We will get back to you to confirm. There are no time limits for each visit but if you fail to show within 10 minutes of your booking time we will free up your table to others and place you on the naughty list. We will also let you know if we shut due to bad weather.
La Creperie will continue to complement our Bar service with their food offering, look out for their weekend BBQ’s and Spit Roasts in the Garden this summer.
Sorry but for now there will be no takeaway drinks facility available, you will need to be seated in the beer garden in order to purchase drinks.
We hope the weather will be kind to us all, however, best come prepared for the worst.
The Clubhouse remains closed, apart from the toilets, and there will be no option to come inside if things become inclement. Hopefully the weather will not be so bad that we have to close, but our opening hours understandably will be flexible, drinking is like Golf, no fun in the rain.

Our operating hours for the first week are as follows:
Mon 12th April – Thurs 15th April,
Bar Midday – 9pm,
La Creperie 9am – 8pm.
Fri 16th April and Sat 17th April,
Bar 11 am – 10pm.
La Creperie 9am – 9pm.
Sun 18th April,
Bar 11 am – 9pm,
LA Creperie 9 am – 8pm.

After this we will review the demand and hopefully keep similar hours until May 17th.

Our staff will be operating within Government guidelines and we ask you to do the same. This way we can remain open for everyone to enjoy themselves. We are lucky we have plenty of outside space to keep the Club thriving, so please do not ask us to bend the rules or blame us for adhering to them.

I’ve booked the sunshine for the 12th so hope to see you then.


FAQ (Frequent Annoying Questions)
Why can only members book tables initially?
Non members are welcome at the Club. But as well as being able to reserve your table, joining has massive benefits such as 20% discount on drinks, Room hire and Club entertainment, EarlyBird access to event tickets and it look great on your CV.
Social membership starts from £36 and Details of how to join are featured below.
We will review the booking system after the first week as it will involve a bit of trial and error both ways.

Will I be able to use my members discount on the Website ordering system?
YES, when you register we will email you a generic code that will apply just to your account and will give you the 20% off. You can then take any preloaded money off your card by taking the pay cash option and showing your card to your server.

Is there still a benefit to putting money on my card?
YES, but you will now receive a bonus of £10 for every multiple of £100 you top up on your card. Better than any bank interest rate going.

Can I come to the bar to get served/pay/or get a straw?
NO, the Clubhouse is strictly closed. Please wait until a member of staff attends your table. This includes not sending the kids up because you forgot their crisps.

Can I use the toilets?
YES, the toilets at the tennis courts end will be open, please adhere to the one in one out system and queue outside. In busy periods we will open the toilets in the changing rooms on the ground floor, access is from under the new gallery fire escape, but all other indoor areas will be roped off.

What Sport is allowed?
Tennis courts are Open but can be only booked by Tennis members. (Memberships available – read more)
Squash courts remain closed until 17th May.
Cricket resumes on Sat 17th April and fixture lists can be found here
Members are welcome to play games on the grounds when Sport is not commencing but please stay off of the cricket square (the nicely cut bit in the middle that is actually a rectangle) and NO BALL GAMES in the Beer Garden Area.

Can I bring my Dog?
Dogs, provided they are on leads, are welcome in the Beer Garden Area.

Are there any big events at the Club this Summer?
Unfortunately, the restrictions are not being lifted in time for the Big Gig to happen this year and the scheduled Sussex Cricket Fixture is being played at Hove, as they have decided to not play on any out grounds this season. Both these events will return in 2022.
Better news is our Annual Firework Display will hopefully go ahead on Sat 31st Oct and we are planning a Caribbean Festival of Cricket on Sunday 5th Sept. We also hope to erect an outdoor TV for the Euro’s (football, not song contest) and host some Live Music in the Beer Garden later in the summer.

Do I still have to use Track and Trace?

YES, it is a legal requirement for us to ask you to check in by using the Track and Trace QR code on your table or by filling in the sheet provided.
The staff are obliged by law to refuse service if this is not done by every customer (over 16), not just the table leader. Checking this is of course a major flaff, so please do not put us in any confrontational positions by failing to comply.

Do I need to wear a mask?
Only when going to the toilet or entering the building, or if you are particularly ugly.
Staff are not required to wear a mask outside either, (apart from me for the latter reason)

Why have the Club not erected a marquee type structure to fend off the elements?
Firstly, the cost to purchase or hire a shelter far out ways its benefits for 5 weeks.
Outside structures come under the same legislation as Smoking Areas and must be 50% open at all times, so it could not be heated economically either.
Any such structure, to be practical, would have to cover a huge area too, as if it did rain then everyone outside of it would head under cover and therefore make Social distancing impossible.
We will brave the elements as much as possible but in extreme weather we will close.

My membership has lapsed can I renew over the bar? 
Sorry, we are unable to take any membership payments over the bar.
New social members – Please visit the membership page on our website here and complete the online form.
Lapsed members – If you would like to restart it then please email so we can reactivate your account and invite you to pay.
Existing members – If you recently received a renewal from us but have not yet responded to it then you need to log on to your Loveadmin account, update your record and follow the instructions to make payment.  If you are unsure how to do this, please email for assistance
Alternatively, you can leave your details/query with the bar staff and the office will get back to you ASAP.
For all other non bar related queries please contact the office (Open Mon/Wed/Fri 10am-1pm)

Can I bring a picnic or my own drink to the club?
Only food and drink purchased from the club can be consumed in the Beer Garden area.
You will appreciate that space for our customers is at a premium under the table service legislations and the revenue from our sales is a major contribution to safeguarding the future of the club.
Cricketers have been asked to provide their own teas and these need to be eaten in their cordoned off area.

What if I just want to watch cricket?
Sorry but current ECB regulations do not permit spectators for cricket matches.

What about Covid rumours I’ve read or seen on Channel 4 News?
No you will not have to provide a Vaccine passport or negative test result to be served.
No you do not have to order a Substantial meal ( Scotch Egg or Mincepie ) to have a drink.
Yes you do have to supply details for track and trace.